We have Luke!

We went to the civil affairs office around 3pm along with two other Holt families.  Luke's report said that he was afraid of strangers and that showed through today clearly.  He initially came to me and Abby but after a few minutes started crying and pretty much kept up with it until we left the civil affairs office.  


Watching a child grieve and be absolutely terrified is heart wrenching to watch.  I've looked back at Rachel's gotcha day blog post and remember how scared she looked but its just so miserable to experience it all over again.  My stomach is in knots of emotions over this little guy.  

After the civil affairs, we walked down the road to get pictures for his official documentation.  Once we got in the van to come back to the hotel, he cried and was so terrified to be taken from his nannies.  He did calm down again and we've been on the brink of tears all night.  There are a few happy moments intertwined with lots of tears.  

Continue to pray for endurance and peace for all of us.  

A few smiles!

A few smiles!

Tomorrow we have an 8am appointment with his orphanage director to finalize the adoption.