One more sleep...

It's Sunday night here in China and we have one more sleep until we get to meet our little boy.  Adoption can be so hard and often difficult to understand unless you've been there.  We fall in love with a picture and who we think a child is or can be and then wait almost a year to meet our child.  Then you finally get to meet this child you've loved from afar and they completely reject you.  I've been down this road and I know that rejection and grieving is a healthy part of this process but it doesn't make it easy.  So I'll be honest and say I've got a bit of anxiety about how tomorrow will go.  

We spent today preparing for Luke.  We did laundry in our room, Abby caught up on her online class homework, we walked the city and found the grocery store and tried to scope out restaurants where we'd like to eat dinner or order out from.  We must have walked through or looked at 20 different menus and most of them do not have pictures or English, and the ones that did have items like eel, bull frog and snake.  I'm not super picky but I do have limitations.  There are fast food restaurants around but trying to avoid those and enjoy the local food.  We ended up going to a noodle place that other adoptive parents recommended across from the hotel.  It took over twenty minutes to order through google translate!!  Even when pointing to a picture, she wanted to give me choice after choice.  Finally I just said give me anything and it turned out to be great and cost a total of $4 USD for the three of us.  At least the food is super cheap.

We found out that we won't get to meet Luke until 3pm tomorrow.  His city is 5 hours by car from here so his orphanage director and office administrator will leave tomorrow morning and bring him to the capital city of Taiyuan.  We meet him tomorrow and will bring him back to the hotel.  We will go back the next day and sign all the official documents.  

Here's some random thoughts on our adventures so far:

+ Taiyuan is known for it's coal mining so the sky is always gray and the smog is worse here than the other cities we've been in.  We also have not seen a blue sky since we've been here.  The pollution is terrible in this country so it's rare to ever see a clear day.

+Every city here is just massive and there are SO many people.  The population of NYC, which is the biggest city I've spent time in in the US, has 8 million people.  Every city we've been in has like 15 million people and most of them ride on motor bikes and follow no traffic laws.  Crossing the street is absolutely terrifying.

+There are so many different types of foods that I don't think you can find anywhere in America.  I'll definitely bring home some seaweed flavored cheetos for my seaweed loving Asian at home.  

Still adjusting to the time change so heading to bed... the next post should have pictures of Luke.