Why Both Hands??

The idea of starting a Both Hands project started back in July.  We wanted to somehow raise awareness for the plight of orphans, as well as our adoption, all while fundraising to help pay for the adoption.  While on the Life Song for Orphans page, I stumbled upon Both Hands and instantly fell in the love with the concept.  Why not a service project to help raise funds?  What better way to raise awareness for our adoption than serving a widow.  

Essentially, Both Hands is a foundation that assists us in raising funds to help pay for our adoption while we work on a widow's home.  The first step is to gather a team of people together who will send out support letters to friends and family asking them to support them in the day of work on a widows home.  All the money raised through their support, pays our adoption expenses.  Both Hands is a 501c3 corporation so all donations are tax deductible.  Both Hands does not take a cut of the donations.  Every dollar submitted is used for our adoption expenses.  We then go out to local businesses and ask for donations of supplies.  Then we all come together and fix up a widows home for a day.  

We love that we have the opportunity to live out James 1:27 by serving a widow to help bring home an orphan.  We knew that if we wanted to do something like this, we would need a good foreman to help us manage the project and design.  Jody Williams was the perfect man for the job.  Jody is our good friend and as Russ calls him, his 'brother from another mother'.  Once Jody understood the idea, he was excited to help lead our team.