Project Day!!

Wow, project day came and went so fast.  After months of planning, forming an amazing team, sending out support letters and securing donations of supplies, everyone gathered together on October 5th at 8am, to begin working on our widow's home.  She has asked us not to use her name online so we refer to her as our widow.  Between all the people that came and went throughout the day and those who helped watching kids at my house, we had close to 50 volunteers.  Wow!  We weeded beds, created walkways with stones, filled in a pool, built a tea house, raked the lawn, cut up and hauled piles and piles and piles of bamboo, planted trees and stained her house.  It is truly amazing what can happen when a team of people work together.  We had an amazing film crew that volunteered their time as well to create a video that will be going out soon to help us raise funds for our adoption.  Here are some pictures from project day.