We're heading to China... again!

Whoa... there's a lot of emotions flying around here.  Some of us excited for a new brother, some scared how a new brother will affect their position in the family, some sad that mom is leaving for almost three weeks... and one very tired momma who is all emotional herself over leaving three babies to go after one.  

Abigail and I leave Tuesday on a direct flight to Hong Kong.  Russ is staying home to manage the younger three.  My dear friend Priscilla is joining Abby and I on our adventure to China.  There's so much to do in so little time... like trying to remember how to use squarespace to blog since (in case you haven't noticed), I haven't blogged since I got home from China over four years ago!  I'm a bit rusty!

I was reflecting in church this morning over Rachel's gotcha day over four years ago.  I remember how she grieved while she slept at night and would cry out at night in her sleep... how she kicked and hit Abby when she tried to engage her in play and all the raw emotions that went along with us literally dragging her away from all she knew.  So going into this a second time and knowing what to expect may be even harder than going into this blind the last time.  

So to all my praying friends, please keep us in prayer this week as we separate as a family and will literally be on opposite sides of the world for the next three weeks.  Pray for Luke that his nannies are preparing him for this transition and that the Lord would give him a supernatural peace.  Pray for Russ and the kids while they're home that Russ can manage kids and work.  Pray for Abby, Priscilla and I for health and strength as this is a vigorous journey.

Here's a rundown of our itinerary: Tuesday, 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, arrive Wednesday night local time. Thursday - fly 3 hours to Chengdu to visit pandas for 2 days, Saturday - fly 2 hours to Taiyuan (capital of Luke's province), Monday - receive Luke and stay in province until we have approval to fly out, Friday - fly 3 hours to Guangzhou. Saturday - medical checks, Monday - visit US consulate to get approval to have Luke enter the US, Thursday - Receive Luke's passport, Friday, travel by speed train to Hong Kong.  Saturday August 4th - fly home!!!

Next post will be from China!!