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Both Hands mission is "to serve widows, orphans, and adoptive families." Their purpose is to help people raise funds for orphans while serving widows through home improvement projects.  We will be working on a Both Hands project on October 5th in hopes of raising $20,000 to help pay some of the high adoption expenses.  We have an amazing team of 35 volunteers who will be serving along side us to fix up a widow's home who lives in our neighborhood.  Each of these volunteers has sent out support letters asking for sponsorship in their day of work.  Just like a golf tournament or 5K race, we are asking for donations while we serve a widow.  100% of the funds donated will go to pay our adoption expenses.  The supplies needed for the project day are donated by local merchants.  Will you consider helping bring our little girl home?  Check out the link below for all the details on how to donate.


Keep following all the updates on our project on our blog page: