We're going to China!!

The end is so near... we are heading to China soon.  I can't even believe it's time.  We also will have the privilege of visiting the orphanage where our sweet Lucy lived.  Through our sadness of losing her, Abigail raised money through her jewelry sales and we have begun sponsoring other precious babies there and we are excited to have an opportunity to meet a few of them!  I'm hoping this will be a bit of closure for us to be able to see where Lucy lived and be able to meet her nannies.  I'm really excited about this part of the trip.  This will be the first stop on our whirlwind 16 days in country.  

After that, we will spend a day touring Beijing, including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.  After that we will take a flight to Nanjing, where Rachel lives.  Then we will finally have our little girl.  She will be with us for the remainder of the trip.  There will be a few days of paperwork, medical checks, more paperwork, visa pictures etc.  Other days we will have an opportunity to tour around while we wait on visas and passports to be issued.  We will end our trip in Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located.  There we will have more appointments and more waiting.  Then we take a train to Hong Kong and fly home from there.  

Qi Ru Xuan 3-25 (3).jpg